What our current private lenders are saying…

“In 1991, my Dad started investing/loaning funds to Phoenix. Over time, it was Dad and me investing. Upon my Dad’s passing, it was my husband and I investing with Phoenix. The relationship with Phoenix has always been excellent.

All required payments and loans were paid as agreed in a timely manner. We knew we could trust our investment and be financially rewarded when dealing with Phoenix. Based on our experience, I would recommend to others the benefits of working with Phoenix.”

— Cindy W., Portland, Oregon

“I have been a private lender/investor with Phoenix and Steve Kreitzberg for over 10 years. I have been extremely pleased with the return on my investment, which has helped me achieve my financial goals. I met with Mr. Kreitzberg and learned about the business model, which I think is impressive.

My questions over the years have always been answered to my satisfaction. In addition, his staff has always been available to assist me when requested. Although I realize that no investment is risk free, I have a high level of trust in the company and plan to continue with Phoenix. I have recommended to others that they lend to Phoenix.”

— Diane H., Portland, OR

“We have been a private lender to Steve and Phoenix Redevelopment for 27 years with no problem. The monthly interest payments have always been on time as agreed. Steve’s companies have given us a good and safe return and we trust him 100%. He is a gentleman to work with. We have recommended Phoenix as a secure investment to others.”

— Nancy and Jack D., Portland, OR

“I have been very happy with Phoenix. I have always received my check on time, and they have been very generous with the interest rate they pay. The communications with Phoenix have been excellent.”

— Stephen B., Sarasota, FL

“I have been a private lender with Phoenix Redevelopment , Phoenix Industrial Redevelopment and Steve Kreitzberg for over 20 years. I have been extremely pleased with the return on my investment….my trust in the company is witnessed by the fact that it is my largest investment and has been a key part of my retirement for the past 20 years.

I plan to continue with my account and have established Phoenix accounts for 3 family members. I have also recommended Phoenix to friends with appropriate caveats that they should meet with Steve and satisfy themselves that he is worthy of their trust. They have done so and now share my trust in him.”

— John H., Portland Oregon

“I have been investing as a private lender with Phoenix Redevelopment for approximately 13 years. It is, in fact, one of my best investments. Over the years, I have spoken with Steve Kreitzberg and/or James Christensen many times… in every case Steve or James answered my questions clearly and concisely.
The return on my investment has been consistent and precisely as outlined by Steve at the very start of our business relationship. I have never had a reason to complain about any aspect of this arrangement – not even once.

In the Summer of 2019, I was in Portland, OR and asked Steve if we might get together. I asked this so that I could “put a face to the name” and become a little more familiar with this person who I had only spoken to in letters and phone calls for more than a decade. Steve was gracious with his time, explaining the future direction he intends for his company. His plan – the creation of Phoenix Industrial Redevelopment, was smart and logical; and it was clear that he has the knowledge and intelligence to carry it out. The meeting bolstered my already-confident attitude about Phoenix.

My association with Steve Kreitzberg and Phoenix has been a very good decision on my part. This financial agreement has been an integral part of my career investment strategy and is helping to provide confidence as I begin my retirement.

Based on more than a decade of experience, I have absolute trust in the honesty, integrity, and work ethic of Steve Kreitzberg and his team. I am confident in recommending a similar investment strategy to anyone who has the opportunity.”

— Jonathan G., Ballwin, MO

“My father was an early investor in Phoenix Redevelopment and was so proud to watch Steve grow his business. My dad always spoke highly of Steve’s business plan and was pleased with the consistent monthly interest payments. When I found myself with money to invest, it was natural to work with Steve to get my money working for me. I have been invested in Phoenix going on twenty years now. Steve has never missed a single monthly interest payment, even during the real estate crisis of 2009.

My investment with Phoenix provides me a consistent monthly payment I can count on for income. It has given me a life of my own choosing and peace of mind. I know where my investment stands and what to expect, unlike the stock market with its ups and downs…

Opportunities such as investing with Phoenix don’t come along often….my investment with Steve at Phoenix Redevelopment is the best financial decision I have made.”

— Deborah L, Portland, OR