Our History

Phoenix Industrial Redevelopment, LLC (“PIR”) is an industrial property investment company that is one of a series of related companies that collectively form the Phoenix Redevelopment Group of Companies.

PIR acquires, renovates, stabilizes, and holds value-add multi-tenant industrial properties from 20,000 to 200,000 square feet in select metro markets in the continental US.

PIR builds on the Phoenix team’s thirty-year history of buying, renovating, and holding value-add real estate.   The three members of the PIR senior management team have been working together since the very early 1990s refining our methods for sourcing, purchasing, funding, and increasing the value of the real estate we buy.

Since PIR’s founding, we have been systematically forging relationships with well-respected institutional debt sources to allow PIR to smoothly and rapidly bring together the institutional debt needed to fund acquisitions in our markets of interest.

Through our proprietary FixedFunds Program™, PIR has created a pathway for accredited investors to participate with us in our investment activities.

To learn more, please visit www.FixedFunds.com