For Commercial Brokers

An Overview of Our Acquisition Process

PIR works to develop business relationships with commercial real estate brokers in all our acquisition markets.

If you are active in the industrial property market, we’d like to meet you.

On-Market Properties

If you are a broker or other third party representing a Seller who owns a property that you believe meets our purchase criteria, please contact us and provide whatever materials you have. We are happy to sign your Non-Compete/Non-Disclosure form.

Off-Market Properties

If you are a broker or other third party who is aware of a potential off-market acquisition opportunity that you think might fit our acquisition criteria, please let us know.

We’ll pay you a 4.0% Buyer’s Broker Fee if we acquire an off-market property that you bring to us directly.

We will review the details of the property promptly and let you know within twenty-four hours if we have interest. If we do, we will move swiftly to prepare and deliver a Letter of Intent to the property owner.

Jon Laufenberg, Vice President of Acquisitions

Phoenix Industrial Redevelopment, LLC
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