The PIR Industrial Legacy™ Initiative

PIR’s Industrial Legacy™ initiative is the name we use for our overall strategy for the investments we make in Industrial property.  You can think of PIR as the vehicle we’ve created to  implement the Industrial Legacy™ investment strategy.

Industrial property exists because there is a business that needs space to operate – whether that space serves as a small manufacturing site, a medium-sized mixed office and assembly site, or a large warehouse.   The common thread with all industrial property is that the user is some kind of operating business – the kinds of entrepreneurial enterprises that create the economic growth that drives the success of each and every city in the US.    As a result, industrial property is the foundation for much of the entrepreneurial activity that is creating the prosperity we all seek.

PRI’s Industrial Legacy™ initiative is about finding and acquiring industrial property that is in need of minor to extensive renovation to bring it to its full potential.   We acquire these “value add” industrial properties, make the needed repairs and add critical improvements, and then we make this property available again to growing businesses in the markets in which we invest.

Overall, PIR’s industrial property investment activity is part of a cycle that contributes to – and benefits from – the growth and prosperity of the cities in which we operate.