The PIR Industrial Legacy™ Initiative

PIR’s Industrial Legacy™ initiative is our strategy centered around the acquisition, renovation, and long-term hold of value-add small-bay industrial parks nationwide.

As large companies invest in exponential technologies such as additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence, humanoid robotics, and autonomous transportation to onshore their manufacturing operations, a thriving ecosystem of smaller businesses will emerge to support these larger players. These entrepreneurial enterprises will require space to operate, whether for small-scale manufacturing, mixed office and assembly sites, or warehousing.

PIR’s Industrial Legacy™ initiative is the set of programs and strategies we employ to find and acquire industrial properties that are in need of minor to extensive renovation to bring them to their full potential, tailored to meet the evolving needs of these smaller businesses. We acquire these “value-add” industrial properties, make the necessary repairs, add critical improvements, and incorporate the latest technologies to create adaptable and efficient workspaces. We then make these properties available to growing businesses in the markets in which we invest, supporting the backbone of the reindustrialization ecosystem.

By providing the essential infrastructure for the small businesses that will play a crucial role in the future of U.S. manufacturing, PIR’s industrial property investment activity contributes to and benefits from the growth and prosperity of the cities in which we operate. Our Industrial Legacy™ initiative is not only an investment strategy but also a means to support the development of more resilient domestic supply chains and the overall resurgence of U.S. manufacturing in the face of the changing global economic order.